This is a great asset and the author is highly active with his users in the forum. The code has comments all over it and is easy to understand. The docs are pretty good, could use some work, but they are functional to get you started creating your first RTS game. I highly recommend anyone wanting a base to start their RTS game to purchase this asset, you won’t regret it. Look forward to seeing where you take this.

RTS Engine


This engine is really good, more than I expected. Code is well documented. RTS architecture is well explaned in the documentation on the dev website. Really nice tutorial level + Unity built in menu to generate map with all require object. Awesome support from the dev and quick updates based on community comments. Real good product!

RTS Engine


This engine provides an immense boost to any RTS you want to build. Most of the code is well documented (there are some lines which I wish had comments, but that may be because I am still new to coding), the engine provides many of the features you’d expect in an RTS game, and most importantly of all the developer provides great support via his forum. I advise all users of this asset to use the documentation the developer provides on his website. He is continuously updating the project and takes feedback regarding the engine and documentation. I also wish to see the community grow for this asset, so we can all help each other build amazing RTS’s, maybe even ushering the current state of gaming back towards the RTS Golden Age 🙂

RTS Engine


Was waiting for this to go on sale so I could buy it, but even at the normal price it’s a steal. Everything you need for a fully fledged RTS game with tremendous support and fast continuous updates. Couldn’t ask for more. This is a must have for anyone wanting to make a RTS game!

RTS Engine


This is the best kit I have ever bought on asset store. It has to have a 5 star rating. I have done few rts things myself, but when I bought this pack, WOW!

It has everything, you can create your own maps easily, minimap is easy adjustable if you make a bigger or smaller map, factions are easily setup, resource scripts are great, singleplayer and multiplayer menu as well as UI are easily editable for own graphic needs.

UNet multiplayer system is quite well written, clean, commented, and you can get extensive support on unity forum about it in no time.

I really couldn’t wish for better pack, and better support!

i recommend this to anyone who wants to make rts game of any kind, or who wants to learn about it. It is AAA quality asset!

RTS Engine