Simple 2D Physics Game with Unity (Part 3): Game Manager

In the third part of this tutorial series, we’re going to work on the game manager! What’s the game manager, you ask? Well, it’s the part of the game that will determine whether we won or lost the game:

– Winning Conditions: The player has kept all the objects that he’s supposed to...Read More »

Simple 2D Physics Game with Unity (Part 2): Main Mechanics - 2D Rigidbody

In this part we’ll create the main game mechanics. As I mentioned in the introduction, we need to save the pandas by eliminating the snakes in each level which is done by sending them to the screen limit that we’ve created in the first part. At the same time we...Read More »

Simple 2D Physics Game with Unity (Part 1): Introduction - Level Design - 2D Colliders


Are you a Unity beginner? Looking to learn about 2D Physics? Then this tutorial is for YOU! You’ll learn how to create a fun, simple 2D Physics based game with Unity.

The GIF below will explain exactly how the game we want to make works: The goal of the game...Read More »