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Unit Upgrade

Add the Unit Upgrade component to the unit main object in order to make it upgrade-able.

General Settings:

  1. Target: An array of unit prefabs that this building can upgrade to.
  2. Trigger Unit/Building Upgrades: When this upgrade is completed, it can trigger other unit and building upgrades when they are added to these two lists. For example, an age upgrade can be achieved by allowing one upgrade launch directly triggering upgrades for all unit and building types.

New Task Info: 

Each task that used to produce this unit type will start producing the target upgrade unit when the upgrade is complete. Therefore, you’re able to change that task’s info post-upgrade using the following fields:

  1. Description: New description that will be displayed when the player’s mouse is over the task.
  2. Icon: New icon to be displayed in the task panel.
  3. Reload Time: You can change the reload time for the task after the upgrade using this field.
  4. Resources: You can change the resource requirements for that task using the following field.

Displaying the upgrade task on the UI task panel requires creating an upgrade task on a Task Launcher.

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