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v1.5.3 to v1.5.4

Before importing the update:

Make sure to back up your current project.

Remove following components:

    • UnitMovementEditor at Assets/RTS Engine/Units/Editor
    • MovementManager at Assets/RTS Engine/Units/Scripts
    • FactionTypeDrawer at Assets/RTS Engine/Factions/Editor/
    • NPCTypeDrawer at Assets/RTS Engine/AI/Editor/
    • ResourceTypeDrawer at Assets/RTS Engine/Map Resources/Editor/
    • UnitAttackEditor at Assets/RTS Engine/Attack Behavior/Editor/
    • BuildingAttackEditor at Assets/RTS Engine/Attack Behavior/Editor/

Now import the 1.5.4 update from the Asset Store.

Go through each map scene:

  • Add one instance of SearchGridHandler component to each map scene and configure it accordingly.
  • Re-assign the task panel categories in the UI Manager component inspector (Task Panel sub-menu).

The following is a list of components that have been heavily modified/refactored with the 1.5.4 update:

  • Movement Manager
  • Unit Movement
  • Unit Attack (Target Picker, Attack Task UI and Switch Attack UI fields)
  • Building Attack (Target Picker, Attack Task UI and Switch Attack UI fields)
  • Multiple Attack Manager
  • NPC Attack Manager (Target Picker field)

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