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v1.5.0 to v1.5.1

The 1.5.1 update comes with refactored NPC system for AI factions which require that you update the following in your RTS Engine project:

Before importing the new update, remove the following:

  • The whole “AI” folder at path: “RTS Engine/AI”
  • The NPCManagerMenu.cs script at path: “RTS Engine/Menus/Scripts”

Now import the 1.5.1 update into your project and do the following:

  • For each map scene, reconfigure the default NPC types for each faction slot.
  • For the single player lobby scene, reassign the NPC types in the Lobby Manager component’s inspector.

Because the workflow of assigning regulator data for unit and building types and the creation of new NPC types have all changed (they are more user-friendly), make sure to go through the first few pages of the NPC factions documentation at least.

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