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v1.3.7 to v1.3.8

This a guide that helps you upgrade from v1.3.7 to v1.3.8.

The 1.3.8 update deprecated the UNET based multiplayer mode as UNET has been abandoned by UNET. The multiplayer mode is now based on Mirror, a community replacement for UNET. Mirror integration is available as a separate integration package, check out this page for more information.

  1. Make sure you backup your RTS Engine v1.3.7 project first.
  2. Import the v1.3.8 update.
  3. Remove the following folders:
    1. Assets\RTS Engine\Multiplayer\Prefabs
    2. Assets\RTS Engine\Multiplayer\Editor
    3. Assets\RTS Engine\Multiplayer\Scripts\UNET
  4. Remove the following files:
    1. The scene under the name “MultiplayerMenu_UNET” – path: Assets\RTS Engine\Menus\Scenes
    2. The prefab under the name “MultiPlayerMenu” – path: Assets\RTS Engine\Menu Editor\Resources

To integrate the Mirror’s based multiplayer mode, check out this page.

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