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Unit Movement

The unit’s parent object must have the Unit Movement¬†component attached to it. This is the component that handles the unit’s movement.

  1. Is Active: Is the unit movable?
  2. Air Unit: When true, then this unit will be marked as a flying unit. Make sure that you have an air terrain set up correctly in the Terrain Manager and make sure that the Nav Mesh Agent component of this unit includes the air terrain area in its path finding area mask.
  3. Movement Formation: Defines the formation of the unit type’s movement. Check the Movement Formation documentation page for more information about possible formations.
  4. Reset Pending Movement: Enable this field to reset unit’s movement (make the unit stop moving) when it receives a new command while movement is already active (basically enable this to make the unit stop moving and then start movement again with 0 acceleration and resetting its movement animation or disable this field to transition to the new movement smoothly by keeping same current acceleration, speed and without breaking from the movement animation).
  5. Speed: The unit’s movement speed.
  6. Acceleration: How fast does the unit get to its speed when it starts moving?


  1. Movement Angular Speed: How fast does the unit rotate while moving? This value will overwrite the “Angular Speed” field of the unit’s NavMeshAgent component.
  2. Can Move Rotate: Can the unit rotate when it’s moving towards its target destination?
  3. Minimum Movement Angle: Only when rotation on movement is disabled, you may input the minimum angle that the unit has to face (rotate to) before moving towards its next destination in the movement path.
  4. Can Idle Rotate: Can the unit rotate when it’s idle to face its destination position/target object?
  5. Smooth Idle Rotation: Is the idle rotation smooth or instant?
  6. Idle Angular Speed: In case the above field field is enabled, how fast does the rotation updates when the unit is not moving?


  1. Movement Task UI: When assigned, a dedicated movement task is displayed on the task panel when the unit is selected. For more information about defining a task’s UI elements, please check Entity Component Task UI Data.


  1. Movement Order Audio: Audio clip played when the unit is ordered to move.
  2. Movement Audio: Audio clip played (on loop) when the unit is moving.
  3. Invalid Movement Path Audio: Audio clip played when the movement path is invalid.

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