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Unit Movement

The unit’s parent object must have the Unit Movement¬†component attached to it. This is the component that handles the unit’s movement.

  1. Can Move: Can this unit move when ordered by the player?
  2. Can Fly: When true, then this unit will be marked as a flying unit
  3. Y Offset: Navigation Mesh Agent base offset will be overwritten with the value in this field. If Can Fly is enabled, then this will present the flying height.
  4. Speed: The unit’s movement speed.
  5. Can Idle Rotate: Can the unit rotate when it’s idle to face its destination position/target object?
  6. Rotation Damping: In case the above field field is enabled, how fast does the rotation updates?
  7. Movement Order Audio: Audio clip played when the unit is ordered to move.
  8. Movement Audio: Audio clip played (on loop) when the unit is moving.
  9. Invalid Movement Path Audio: Audio clip played when the movement path is invalid.

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