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Gather Resource Component

Add the Gather Resource component to a unit to allow him to collect resources.

  1. Max Hold Quantity: How much can the unit hold from any resource type before having to drop off the collected resources at a drop off building (only considered when the resource collection mode is not automatic).
  2. Drop Off Obj (optional): Child of the unit’s main object that is activated when the unit is dropping off resources.
  3. Collection Info (optional): For each slot of this array, you can set the an object that will be activated when the unit is collecting the resource that matches the name provided. This must be a child of the unit’s main object. In addition you can set an animator override controller for each type of resource which will allow you to change the collection animation for each resource.
  4. Send To Collect Audio: Audio clip played when the unit is sent to collect from a resource.
  5. Auto Collect: Enable auto collect if you’d like the unit to look for resources to collect from when in idle mode. Search Reload defines the time period at which the unit looks for resources to collect from, the Search Range field is how far the unit is willing to search for these resources.

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