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Converter Component

Add the Converter component to a unit to allow it to convert enemy units.

  1. Max Converting Distance: The maximum distance between the converter and the target unit in order to convert him.
  2. Converting Time: Time required to convert a unit.
  3. Convert Order Audio: Audio clip played when the converter is ordered to convert a unit.
  4. Convert Effect: This effect object is spawned on the converter’s target unit when it has been successfully converted. Please check this documentation page for more information about effect objects and the Effect Obj component.
  5. Auto Convert: If true, the converter will search for enemy units and convert them automatically.
  6. Search Reload: The time (in seconds) at which the converters  makes a search for enemy units to convert, if Auto Convert is on.
  7. Search Range: Only units at this distance from the converter will be considered to get converted.

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