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Converter Component

Add the Converter component to the main unit’s object so that the unit can convert enemy units.

  1. Conversion Object: A child object of the main unit object which is activated when the unit is actively converting an enemy unit.
  2. Conversion Duration: How long does it take for the converter to convert an enemy unit.
  3. Conversion Effect: The conversion effect object that is shown when the converter successfully converts a unit.
  4. Stopping Distance: This overrides the default stopping distance set by the Movement Manager when the convert is moving towards a target unit to convert.
  5. Max Distance: When the converter is actively converting a unit, this value defines the allowed distance between the converter and its target unit in order for the conversion to continue.
  6. Auto Convert: When this option is enabled, the converter will be able to automatically search for enemy units to convert. The Search Reload field defines the time period at which the unit looks for enemy units to convert and the Search Range field is how far the unit is willing to search for units to convert.
  7. Conversion Order Audio: An audio clip that is played when the player orders the converter to convert an enemy unit.
  8. Conversion Audio: An array of audio clips from which a random is played and looped when the unit is actively converting an enemy unit.

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