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Builder Component

Add the Builder component so that the unit can construct buildings.

  1. Build Free Buildings: When enabled, then the builder will be able to construct free buildings (buildings that do not belong to any faction).
  2. Health Per Second: The amount of health points that the unit gives the building while constructing it
  3. Building Audio Clips: A list containing audio clips played when the unit is building, one of the audio will be randomly chosen each time.
  4. Building Order Audio Clip: When a unit is ordered to build, this audio clip will be played.
  5. Builder Obj (optional): A child of the main unit’s object that is activated when the unit is constructing a building.
  6. Auto Build: Enable auto build if you’d like the unit to look for buildings to construct when in idle mode. Search Reload defines the time period at which the unit looks for buildings to construct, the Search Range field is how far the unit is willing to search for these buildings.

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