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APC Unit Component

The APC component allows units as well as buildings to call units and store them and eject them. Both units and buildings use the same component, the only difference is that units can store other units, move and then eject them in another place in the map.

Adding Units:

  1. Interaction Pos: Transform that represents the position that a unit must go to to enter the APC.
  2. Allow All Units: When enabled, then all units can be stored in this APC.
  3. Accept Units In List / Units List: Here you have the option to either define a list of units (by entering their codes in the Unit List array) and make the APC accessible only to them (when “Accept Units In List” is enabled) or restrict access for the APC for them only (when “Accept Units In List” is disabled).
  4. Max Amount: Maximum amount of units that this APC allows at the same time.
  5. Add Unit Audio: Audio clip played when a unit enters the APC.

Ejecting Units:

  1. Eject Single Unit: When enabled, for each unit inside the APC, a task with the unit’s icon will be drawn on the task panel if the APC is selected that when clicked, ejects the correspondent unit.
  2. Eject One Unit Task Category: This is the “Eject Single Unit” task panel category.
  3. Eject All Units: When enabled, then the player will be able to eject all units inside the APC by clicking on one task only in the task panel (when the APC is selected).
  4. Eject All Task Category: Task category for that the task that ejects all units from the APC.
  5. Eject All Icon: The icon of the task that allows the player to eject all units from the APC.
  6. Remove Unit Audio: Audio clip played when a unit is ejected from the APC.

Calling Units:

  1. Can Call Units: When enabled, the APC will able to call units inside a certain range to store them. This is useful for safe buildings where you want to hide workers/civilians if your town is getting attacked for example. All the following fields must be only considered if this option is enabled.
  2. Call Units Task Category: Task category of the task that calls for in range units.
  3. Calling Range: All units within this distance from the APC will be called to enter this APC.
  4. Call Units Icon: Icon of the task that calls in range units.
  5. Stop Units From Attacking: Force in range units to stop attacking (if they are doing so) and ask them to enter the APC?
  6. Call Units Audio: Audio clip played when the APC calls for in range units.

Other Settings:

  1. Release On Destroy: When the APC is destroyed, should units that are stored inside it be released or should they be destroyed as well?

For more information about the task categories, please check the UI Manager documentation page.

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