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Selection Panel

Selection panel settings for the UI Manager component. The selection panel is used to display information about selected unit(s), building or resource.

Single Selection: When a single unit, a building or a resource is selected, their information will be displayed in the single selection panel.

  1. Single Selection Panel: The UI object that is activated when the player selects a single unit, a building or a resource. This object is the parent object of all the rest of the UI elements that form the single selection menu.
  2. Name Text: UI Text that displays the name of the selected item.
  3. Description Text: UI Text that displays the description of the selected item.
  4. Show Population Slots: When enabled, the population slots of the selected unit will be displayed at the end of the description.
  5. Icon: UI Image that displays the icon of the selected item.
  6. Health Text: UI Text that displays the health of the selected item.
  7. Health Bar: Add both an empty and a full health bars to display the health.

Multiple Selection: Only active when multiple units are selected.

  1. Multiple Selection Panel: When selecting multiple units, they are displayed as tasks displaying the selected units’ icons and are set as children objects of the object assigned to this field. This object should have a Grid Layout Group component. Using your desired settings for that component, all the task buttons will be arranged inside the grid layout.
  2. Max Multiple Selection Tasks: When the selected entities amount is greater than the amount in this field, multiple selection tasks will not be displayed for each individual entity but rather for each entity type + a text label in the task will show the amount of the selected entities of that type.

You can interact with tasks that represent multiple selected units this way, when clicking on one of them:

  1. The multiple selection key (assigned in the Selection Manager component) is pressed: The unit corresponding to the clicked task is removed from the selection.
  2. Otherwise: Only the unit corresponding to the clicked task is left selected, all other units are de-selected.

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