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Resource Type Info

The Resource Type Info is an asset file that allows you to define a resource type and then use it in any of the maps.

To create a new resource type, right-click with the mouse in the project tab and click on: Create -> RTS Engine -> Resource Type. An asset file will be then created, select it and define the new resource type info from the inspector.

  1. Name: Name of the resource.
  2. Starting Amount: The amount of this resource type that each faction starts with.
  3. Icon: The icon of this resource that will be displayed when this resource is selected.
  4. Minimap Icon Color: The color of the minimap icon for this resource type.
  5. Selection Audio Clip: Audio clip played when a resource of this type is selected.
  6. Collection Audio: A list containing audio clips played when the unit is collecting from a resource of this type, one of the audio will be randomly chosen each time.

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