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General Resource Components

Create a new empty object to act as the resource prefab. Set the layer of this object to “Resource”. Then drag and drop the resource’s model as a child object of the resource parent object. All the resource model objects must also have “Resource” as a layer. 


Next thing to do is to add a Collider component to the main resource object with “Is Trigger” set to true. This collider represents the frontiers of the resource where no other object (whether it’s a building, another resource or any other object). This collider can actually cover more than the resource’s model.

Navigation Mesh Obstacle:

Add a Nav Mesh Obstacle component to the main resource object and Set “Carve” to true. This defines where units are not allowed on the navigation mesh.

Worker Manager:

Worker Positions: The size of this array defines the maximum amount of collectors that this resource can have simultaneously. For each element of the array you can define a specific collection position in the “Pos” field if you want to make the collection positions static. If not, then the collection positions will be dynamic and the unit will pick the closest position to the resource as an interaction position.

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