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NPC Type – Create new NPC Faction

The first step to create a new NPC faction type.

The NPC Type Info is an asset file that allows you to define a NPC faction type and then use it to assign faction slots their NPC types.

To create a new NPC type, right-click with the mouse in the project tab and click on: Create -> RTS Engine -> NPC Type. An asset file will be then created, select it and define the new NPC type info from the inspector.

  1. Name: Provide a name for the NPC faction type which will be visible when selecting a difficulty level for a NPC faction in the menus.
  2. Code: A unique code for each NPC faction type.
  3. NPC Managers: A NPC Manager is basically the NPC faction’s type controller which manages all NPC components that regulate the behavior of the NPC faction in the game. A NPC type can be used for multiple faction types. Here you have the option to either define one NPC Manager for all faction types or define one NPC Manager for each group of faction types or individually for each faction type.

To sum it up, the NPC type is an asset file that you can create from project tab and which defines the name and unique code of a NPC faction type. However the NPC type is not enough, it must use one or multiple NPC Manager prefabs which include the different NPC components that manage the AI faction in a game.

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