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NPC Task Manager

The NPC Task Manager is responsible for managing faction resources.

When creating a new NPC Manager object using the RTS Engine menu. The NPC Task Manager is a component of the new NPC Manager’s “NPCOtherManagers” child object.

This component allows to create multiple queues where tasks can be submitted to this queues. Following settings on the inspector, the tasks will move from one queue to another until they reach the first queue (ID = 0) where they will be forced to be executed by the NPC faction.

Currently this component supports only ‘Building Construction’ as a task that can be added to the queues. When a ‘Building Construction’ task is in the first queue (ID = 0), units will be forced to construct it (even if they have been doing another activity, other than constructing buildings). This is however only temporary as more task types will be added in future updates.

  1. Priority Queues Amount: The amount of queues to create.
  2. Promotion Time Range (in seconds): Time before tasks in the priority queues are promoted.
  3. Execute Task Time Range (in seconds): How often does the NPC faction attempt to launch tasks in the highest priority queue (ID: 0).

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