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NPC Population Manager

The NPC Population Manager is responsible for managing faction resources.

When creating a new NPC Manager object using the RTS Engine menu. The NPC Population Manager is a component of the new NPC Manager’s ‘NPCOtherManagers’ child object.

  1. Population Building: Drag and drop the NPC Building Regulator asset that regulates the creation of main population building (the building that will be mainly used to increase the maximum population slots).
  2. Target Population Range: The target population slots amount that the faction will attempt to reach.
  3. Population On Demand:
    1. Enabled: Can other NPC components request to increase the faction’s population?
    2. Acceptance Range (between 0.0 and 1.0): If requesting to increase the faction’s population is allowed, this defines if that request will be accepted (the higher, the more chance that the request will be accepted with 0.0 -> never accepted and 1.0 -> always accepted).
  4. Min Free Population Slots: The minimum amount of population slots allowed.

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