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NPC Building Placer

The NPC Building Placer is responsible for the placement of buildings.

When creating a new NPC Manager object using the RTS Engine menu. The NPC Building Placer is a component of the new NPC Manager’s “NPCBuildingManagers” child object.

  1. Placement Delay Range (in seconds): This presents the delay time before this component can actually place the building. This allows to add randomness in the building placement process.
  2. Rotation Speed: The building placement process involves having the building rotate around its assigned build around object (which can be defined in the NPC Building Regulator). This defines that rotation’s speed.
  3. Placement Move Reload (in seconds): The building placement process involves having the building move away from its build around object. This field presents the time needed before the building is moved away.
  4. Placement Move Reload Inc (in seconds): Every time that the building is moved away from its build around object, the Placement Move Reload field value will be increased (or decreased if the value is negative) by the value entered in this field (having this field set to 0 means that the same Move Timer will be kept).
  5. Move Distance: This defines the distance that the building to place will be moved by away from its build around object.
  6. Height Check Reload (between 0.0 and 1.0): In order for NPC factions to place buildings on hills and different heights on the terrain, they have to sample the height of the terrain when attempting to place a building. Since sampling the height of the terrain every frame turned out to be expensive, this field defines how often does this component samples the terrain height and updates the height of the pending building accordingly with 0.0 being every frame and 1.0 being one per second.

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