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NPC Building Constructor

The NPC Building Constructor is responsible for the construction of buildings.

When creating a new NPC Manager object using the RTS Engine menu. The NPC Building Constructor¬†is a component of the new NPC Manager’s ‘NPCBuildingManagers’ child object.

  1. Builder Regulator: Drag and drop the NPC Unit Regulator asset that regulates the creation of the main builder unit.
  2. Construction Timer Range (in seconds): How often does this component check for faction building that need construction?
  3. Initial Queue ID: Each time this component detects a building that needs construction, it will add a ‘Construction Task’ to the NPC Task Manager at the queue with the ID entered in this field.
  4. Target Builders Ratio (between 0.0 and 1.0): Defines the ratio of the builder’s amount to the maximum allowed builder’s amount of a building.
  5. Construct On Demand: If another component requests the construction of a certain building, that request will be accepted only if this field is enabled.

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