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NPC Factions

NPC Factions are non-player-controlled factions which the player can play against in the single player mode (and soon in multiplayer as well).

The creation and management of NPC factions will be covered in this part by going through a series of the components that regulate the NPC faction’s behavior.

There are a lot of other configurations you can set from each NPC component that will affect the NPC faction’s behavior during the game and the combination of those configurations is what makes beating one AI type easier/harder than another.

In the demo for example, the “easy” NPC type will try to attack with all its power (although it also has a lower required minimum attack power in comparison to the “hard” NPC type). The “easy” NPC type will also not leave a lot of units behind for defense when attacking and it tends to build specific buildings late and/or build less defensive buildings.


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