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Multiplayer Menu

A multiplayer menu allows the player to host/join a multiplayer game. To create this menu:

  1. Create a new scene.
  2. Remove the Camera and the Directional Light default objects.
  3. In the editor top menu, choose “RTS Engine” → “Multiplayer Menu (Mirror)”. This will spawn an example of the multiplayer menu’s with all the UI elements and the required scripts.

In the RTS Engine Mirror integration, there are three main components:

  1. Telepathy Transport: Low level networking API.
  2. NetworkLobbyManager_Mirror: a child class of Mirror’s NetworkLobbyManager that manages hosting/joining lobbies (part of the high level networking API).
  3. NetworkLobbyManagerUI_Mirror: Handles UI in a multiplayer menu built with Mirror.

When using the above steps to create a multiplayer menu, these 3 components will be attached to a game object called “MultiplayerManager_Mirror”.

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