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Multiplayer (Mirror)

Starting from v1.3.8, the RTS Engine does not support UNET anymore since it has been deprecated by Unity. The main multiplayer high level networking API for the RTS Engine is now Mirror, which is a free community replacement for UNET which has proved to be more efficient and stable. 

Required asset versions:

  • Mirror: v17.3.0 or above
  • RTS Engine: v1.5.8 or above

The following steps will guide you through implementing the multiplayer mode in the RTS Engine:

  1. Import the RTS Engine from the asset store (or back up your project if you already have one).
  2. Download Mirror from the Mirror’s asset store page.
  3. Open Player Settings and add “RTSENGINE_MIRROR” to the Scripting Define Symbols under Other Settings -> Configurations
  4. Download the RTS Engine Mirror integration package and import it into your project.

The following documentation pages (under this category) will guide you through creating and configuring a multiplayer menu and adding a full multiplayer mode for your RTS game.


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