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Movement Manager

The Movement Manager component manages unit movement in the game.

When you’re creating a new map using the RTS Engine menu editor, this component is attached to an object called “MvtManager”.

  1. Ground/Air Unit Layer Mask: Layer mask that only includes the layer of the object that holds the Target Position Collider for ground/air units. For more information about the Target Position Collider, check out the Unit component documentation page.
  2. Mvt Stopping Distance: Movement stopping distance, make sure this is not 0 because that leads to weird behavior.
  3. Mvt Target Effect Obj: An object that gets activated when the player orders a unit or a group of units to move a position in the map. This object highlights the movement destination by flashing it. This object has the Mvt Target Effect component which has the following fields:
    1. Life Time: For how long will it be shown for?
    2. Flash: Enabling the flash effect?
    3. Flash Every: The flashing effect cycle.

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