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Minimap Icon Manager

The Minimap Icon Manager component manages the minimap icons for units, buildings and resources.

When you’re creating a new map using the RTS Engine menu editor, this component is attached to an object called “MinimapManager”.

  1. Prefab: The prefab that is cloned when a new minimap icon is created. The minimap icon must have a mesh renderer with a colorable material since each icon is assigned a color to define it in the minimap. This prefab has the Minimap Icon component (which doesn’t have any exposed fields) and the Effect Obj component attached to it. Making it an effect object allows it to be pooled efficiently using the Effect Obj Pool component:
    1. Code: Make sure that a unique code assigned to the minimap icon.
  2. Height: This is the position of each minimap icon on the y-axis.

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