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Attack Warning Manager

The Attack Warning Manager component allows to highlight areas in the minimap where the local player’s units/buildings are receiving damage from enemy factions

When you’re creating a new map using the RTS Engine menu editor, this component is attached to an object called “MinimapManager”.


  1. Minimap Canvas: Drag and drop the minimap canvas in this field.
  2. Minimap Camera: Drag and drop the minimap camera in this field.
  3. Base Attack Warning: UI Element with the Attack Warning component attached to it and child of the Minimap Canvas, this object is what the local player will still in the minimap where his units/buildings are getting attacked. When activated this object will be flashing to draw the attention of the player.
  4. Warning Duration: For how long should an attack warning be activated for?
  5. Attack Warning Audio: Audio clip played when an attack warning is activated.
  6. Max Distance: When the player has multiple units/buildings receiving damage at the same time, multiple attack warnings will be activated. This value defines the distance that an attack warning must have in relation to all other active attack warnings in order to be activated.

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