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The RTS Engine uses 3 cameras. When you’re creating a new map using the RTS Engine menu editor, all 3 cameras can be found as child objects of the “CAMERAS” object. Every camera has a different culling mask and therefore each object handles showing certain types of objects.

  1. Main Camera: This camera has the Camera Movement component and it shows basically everything but the UI elements. The culling mask of this camera includes the following RTS-Engine layers:
  2. UI Camera: This camera is a child object of the main camera object and is responsible for showing UI elements on the player’s screen. The UI camera’s transform position and rotation must be both set to (0,0,0). Make sure that this camera’s “Clear Flags” field is set to “Depth Only” and that it has a higher depth value than the main camera. The culling mask of the UI camera includes the following RTS-Engine layers:
  3. Minimap Camera: This camera has an orthographic view of the whole map and its culling mask includes the following RTS-Engine layers: 


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