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The Border Component

This component allows the building to increase the faction’s borders.

The faction’s borders represent the area where the faction can place buildings and exploit resources that belong to this area. If you want a building to increase its faction’s borders then add the Border component to the main building object.

Border Object:

  1. Spawn Border Obj: When turned on, this will spawn 
  2. Border Obj: This is the object that will be spawned around the building that has the border component. This object will only be shown in the mini map therefore it should have the “Border” layer. Take a look at the example provided in the demo scene to see what a border object should look like.
  3. Border Height: This field is the position of the border object on the y axis.
  4. Border Color Transparency: This is the transparency of the border’s color, in case you’re using minimap icons, you might want to have a semi transparent color for the border in order to show the minimap icons clearly over the border.
  5. Size: The border’s size (how much will it cover from the map).
  6. Border Size Multiplayer: If this is set to 1. The border object’s scale will be set to the size of the border. However, if the object does not represent the size realistically, you might want to change this value in order to get it exactly.

Border Buildings:

  1. Buildings Inside Border: If you want to limit the amount of a certain building type inside the territory that this building’s border cover then you can add it to this list and then set the maximum amount allowed of that building. For NPC factions, you can also pick the “Required Amount” which means that the NPC will make it a priority to construct that amount of that building type regardless if it needs it at that time or not. If the building is faction type specific, please set the “Faction Code” field to the faction code that the building belongs to. If not, leave that field empty.

Border Buildings (NPC only):

  1. Building Check Time Range: Assign the maximum and minimum value for the timer that will check the buildings in the array above for the NPC factions. It will keep going until all the required buildings are spawned.

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