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Portal Component

The Portal component allows buildings to teleport units from one portal to another. Attach this component to a building in order to turn it into a portal.

  1. Name: What should this portal be called?
  2. Spawn Pos: When units arrive at this portal, they will spawn here in this position.
  3. Goto Pos: When assigned, units who arrive at this portal will move from the above Spawn Pos to this position.
  4. Target Portal: This is the portal (building with the Portal component) connected to this one.
  5. Allow All Units: When enabled, then all units can use this portal without exceptions.
  6. Unit Exception Codes: When the above option is disabled, then you need to assign codes of units that are not allowed to use this portal as elements of this list.
  7. Teleport Audio: Audio clip played when a unit uses this portal.

Since portals are special types of buildings, you can set the building as Free (does not belong to any faction) and attach the Portal component to it so that all factions can use the portal.

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