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Building Placer Component

The building’s parent object must have the Building Placer component attached to it. This is the component that handles communicating with the Building Placement component to place the building.

  1. Required Resources: How much resources does it cost the faction to place this building? Enter the name and the amount of the resource that this building needs to be placed.
  2. Missing-Requirements Data: How would the building placement task’s icon look in case either resource requirements are not met or the faction limits for the building type have been already reached?
    1. Icon: If assigned, this icon is displayed instead of the original placement task’s icon, when requirements to launch the task are missing.
    2. Color: Only if the above ‘Icon‘ field is not assigned, this defines the color of the original icon of the placement task when requirements to launch the task are missing.
  3. Required Buildings:
    A list of buildings that must be already placed and built in order for this building to be placed. For each element of this array, you can specify a name and a group of buildings. When attempting to create this building, each element of the array will be used like the following:

    1. One of the buildings in the Building List must be present.
    2. The Name field will be displayed in the UI tool panel when attempting to place this building as a hint to which building types is expected to be already built.
  4. Placed By Default: Choose whether the building is placed at default (will appear fully built when the game starts) or if it requires builders to build it. This also applies to buildings that you want them to be pre-existing in the map. This field must be enabled for the capital building that is pre-placed in the map. Make sure that this field is disabled for buildings’ prefabs that the player can place during the game.
  5. Placed Outside Border: Enable this if you want to allow this building to be placed outside the faction’s territory.
  6. Place Near Resource: When disabled, the building can be placed anywhere depending on the other settings. Once this option is enabled, you’d need to specify the Resource Type Info asset in the Resource Type field and the allowed range under the Resource Range field which defines the resource type that this building needs to be placed in range to. This is useful in case you want to place a certain resource type warehouse near the resource only. This field will be ignored by NPC factions as the creation of buildings is regulated by the NPC Building Regulator which defines the placement info of the building.

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