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Building Drop Off Component

Attach the Building Drop Off component to the main building’s object if you want the building to be a drop off point for resources.

  1. Is Active: The building is a resources drop off point as long as this is enabled.
  2. Drop Off Position: In case you want to use a static drop off position, you can use a child object of the building as the drop off position (example: this building is a warehouse where units can drop off resources and you only want units to drop resources at the warehouse door). When this is not assigned, the unit will simply move towards the building and once in range of the building the unit will drop the resources off.
  3. Accept All Resources: When enabled, the building will act as a drop off building for all types of resources. When disabled, the Accepted Resources array field should appear in the inspector in which you can enter the Resource Type Info assets of the resources that the building will accept.

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