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Unit Attack Range

The Unit Attack Range is a field that allows different attack range parameters for an attack unit. This field can be found on the following components:

  1. Unit/Building Stopping Distance: When moving towards a target unit/building, this field is the minimum and maximum allowed stopping distance value for that movement.
  2. No Target Stopping Distance: The minimum and maximum allowed stopping distance value for an attack movement with no specific target (terrain attack).
  3. Move On Attack Offset: When the unit is allowed to move and attack at the same time, the value in this field will be added to the attack range of the unit.
  4. Update Mvt Distance: If the distance between the attack target and the attack target’s initial position when the target was locked gets higher than this value then the unit will adjust its position and move towards the target’s new position.
  5. Movement Formation: Defines a multiple units of the same type will move in group when engaging a target. Check the Movement Formation documentation page for more information about possible formations.

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