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Attack Manager

The Attack Manager component is the component that manages the attack behavior for buildings and units.

When you’re creating a new map using the RTS Engine menu editor, this component is attached to an object called “AttackManager”.

  1. Range Types: This array allows you to define different range types. Each unit/building with an Attack component belongs to one of the range types that are defined in this array. Each range type is an element of the array. Range types basically define the stopping distances for units/buildings when attack them.
    1. Code: Each range type must have a unique code
    2. Unit (Building) Stopping Distance: The distance between the attacker and the unit (building) at which the attacker is able to launch his attack.
    3. Move On Attack Offset: When a unit is allowed to move and attack at the same time, this represents the range of the attack will be incremented by this value.
    4. Update Mvt Distance: If the distance between the attack target and the attack target’s initial position when the target was first chosen is over this value then the unit will adjust his position and move towards the target’s new position.

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