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Interacting with Vendors

If you are in range of the vendor object , this instruction box will appear and ask you to press a key (If you are using the keyboard pickup method) or press the left mouse button(If you are using the mouse pickup method) to open the vendor menu just like the item group object.

Now that the vendor menu is open: Click on the “Buy” button on the left to switch to the buying menu and click on the “Sell” button on the left as well to switch to the selling menu.

Buying items:

You will see the icon, name, currency and its amount of every item for sale. Select an item then click on the buy button to purchase it. It will check if you have the required currency type, if you do, it will check again if you have the required amount of that currency type. If you don’t have one of them, the selection color would turn into red. Same thing will happen if you don’t have enough slots for a new item.


Selling Items:

Open your inventory, drag and drop an item inside the slot of the selling menu (Check picture in the next page). And your item will be moved to the items waiting to be sold list. If the item’s amount is 1, it will be automatically moved to that list, if not, you will be asked to input the amount you would like to sell. You can take back an item that you don’t want to sell anymore by selecting this item in the selling list (which will change its color to green) then click on “Take Back” button. You can also take back all the items listed in the sell menu at once by pressing the “Take Back All” button. When you click on the “Sell” button, all the items in this list will be sold and you will receive your payment. If you click on Finished and you still have items waiting to be sold, then they will be auto-sold and you will receive your payment.


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