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Create an Item Group

To create an item group, add the “ItemGroup.cs” component to a game object.

  • Minimum distance: The minimum distance between the player and the item group object needed to display the items inside the group.
  • Content: This holds the items inside this group. That means, to add an item into this group, simply drag and drop its object here. If you would like to randomly choose items to be placed in the item group, then tick the “Random Group Items” option in the inspector and specify the maximum amount of items that you would like to have then place the items in the “Content Items” array and input the maximum range: It must be a positive number. If it’s equal to zero, then that item will automatically be placed in the item group. If it’s greater than zero than the script will randomly decide whether it will be placed in the item group or not.
  • Panel: Drag and drop the object that contains the “ItemGroupUI.cs” script.
  • Opening: An audio clip played when you open the item group.
  • Closing: An audio clip played when you close the item group.

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