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Equipment UI

The “EquipmentUI.cs” component handles the UI side of the equipment feature.


  • UI Canavas: Drag and drop the canvas object that contains the equipment panel.
  • Panel: Drag and drop the equipment’s UI panel here. The panel object should include an Image component with the backdrop sprite on it. It must also have the Graphics Raycaster component.
  • Attributes Info: A UI Text object, child of the equipment UI panel used to display the attributes and their values.
  • Default Position: The equipment’s UI panel starting position, you have five options: Top-Right corner, Lower-Right corner, Top-Left corner, Lower-Left corner and screen center.
  • Drag Slot: Create a child UI object of the equipment UI panel and add an Image component to it. Preferably, the size of this object should match the empty slot size.
  • Is Movable: Tick this option if you want the player to drag and drop the equipment UI panel in-game and be able to change its position (The position chosen by the player during game play will not be saved, the equipment UI panel will always be created in the default position).


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