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Craft Recipes

  • Key: The key that will show/hide the crafting window.
  • Recipes: The size of this array represents the amount of recipes in the crafting menu. For each recipe set:
  1. Items Needed: a list of items needed for this recipe. For each item set a name, the amount required in this recipe and whether you want it to be destroyed after crafting this recipe or not (not destroyed means it will be transferred back to the inventory after crafting the recipe).
  2. Result: The result item of this recipe (Prefab).
  3. Name: Give each recipe a name.
  4. Time Required: Time needed to complete crafting a recipe.
  5. Currency: To require currency to craft a recipe, tick the “Currency Required” and set the name and the amount of the required currency.
  • Finished Crafting: Audio clip played when a recipe is completed.

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