S-Spell is a dynamic spell engine. Create and customize different types of spells from the inspector. Includes a spell book, spell bar slots, experience and mana managers.

  • Unity 5 support.
  • Unity 4.6 UI support.
  • Create unlimited spells and customize them from the inspector:
    * Particle Effects: Choose as much particle effects as you want for each spell and pick the order of initiating them when casting the spell. You can make a spell do damage to enemies when colliding with a particle effect from that spell. Or you can make a spell do any effect you want by using the spell events. Make the particle effects move in any direction you want, from any launch position. Enable the enemy select mode and target enemy to send spells to or make the spell follow any other object you want.
    * Animation: Play successive animation clips when casting a spell, pick a duration for each clip and synchronize them with creating particle effects.
    * Audio Effects: Play successive audio clips when casting a spell and synchronize them with the animation and particle effects.
  • Mana Points: Casting spells can cost an amount of mana points.
  • Spellbook: Display spells in the spellbook by displaying the name, icon and description for each spell.
  • Spell bar: Drag and drop unlocked spells from the spellbook to any slot of the spellbar. Pick a hotkey for each slot or click on the spell bar slot to cast the spell linked to it.
  • Experience Manager: Unlock spells only when the player reaches a certain level or a certain amount of experience points.
  • Custom events to customize the asset even more.


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Online Documentation

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07/01/2016 – v1.00:

First release

24/01/2016: – v1.01:

– Fixed dragging items from the spell book to the spell bar slots.
– Fixed the spell bar slots in the demo scene.
– Fixed the “Damage Once” option that makes a spell do damage only the first time it collides with the target.
– Changed the “XPUI” script name to “ExperienceUI” to avoid having two scripts with the same name when importing both S-Spell and S-Quest.
– Added the option to click on spell bar slots to cast spells along with using hotkeys.

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