S-Quest is a quest/mission builder for Unity3D. It allows you to create advanced quests easily without coding . S-Quest is suitable for all types of games, you can customize it to fit all your projects. S-Quest also includes a player experience and level manager, quest log and an objectives bar.

  • Edit everything from the customized quest editor.
  • Six different types of quests: Eliminate, collect, talk to a quest giver, go to a specific place, press/hold a certain button and follow an object. All quest types come with multiple settings to make each quest unique!
  • Quests can have one or many conditions.
  • Create a scenario/story by linking quests to each other (unlock quests by completing another one).
  • Create side quests/missions for your game.
  • Includes a quest log that allows the player to display his active quests, with full information, and control them.
  • Includes an objective bar with a progress bar that displays the active quests of the player along with the main objective.
  • Customize your quest GUI without coding.
  • Includes full keyboard and joystick support.
  • Includes a player XP points and level manager with an example progress bar.
  • Comes with a detailed guide.
  • Includes example audio clips and sprites.
  • Multi-scene quest progress support (You can continue progressing in active quests even when the quest giver is not in the scene).


WebPlayer Demo


Online Documentation

Third Party Support:

S-Inventory: Reward the player with S-Inventory items after finishing quests and make the player collect S-Inventory items as a quest type.
Relationship Inspector: Creates a node-based editor to facilitate creating and managing quests!

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