This is an inventory system that anyone can setup in few minutes. This system is easy to edit from the inspector without having to modify scripts. It’s suitable for RPG games. This inventory system also includes an equipment system, merchant system, crafting system and a skill bar system.

  • Customize everything from the inspector without modifying the code.
  • Suitable for different types of games!
  • Fully commented C# and JS code!
  • Mobile friendly.
  • 20+ Custom Events to customize the asset even more!
  • Comes with a detailed guide.
  • Three item pick methods (Mouse, keyboard and on collision pickup).
  • Two item drop methods (Re-spawn items or destroy items).
  • Create and customize items easily.
  • Two types of items: Bag items and Currencies including consumable and non-consumable items.
  • Customizable UI: Drag and drop items inside the same menu or between different menus to equip them, move them to a container, skill bar slots, sell them to a vendor. Mouse hover on an item to show its info. Right click to open the item actions menu. Drag to real world to drop items (optional). And more!
  • Load and save items in different menus.
  • Item Groups: Create a list of items within one object and display them randomly (optional). Perfect to use for enemy drop loot trophies.
  • Vendor system: Create vendors easily to trade with.
  • Buy and sell your items to vendors.
  • Equipment system: Easily create your custom equipment slots (+3 different ways to equip an item). Assign equipment attributes to different items and call their values from your code to customize the asset to your needs!
  • Skill Bar system: Manage a dynamic skill bar including assigning a trigger key for each slot and a use cool down.
  • Containers system: Create unlimited containers and use them to store items. You can easily transfer items between containers and inventory. Most features of the inventory UI is available for the container UI as well (dragging and dropping items, dragging the whole container window, showing item’s info, removing items, etc..).
  • Crafting system: Full crafting system that allows you to create unlimited recipes and customize the crafting window to your needs.


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