RTS Engine 2 BETA

RTS Engine 2 is a major upgrade from the Unity RTS Engine asset where the whole codebase is re-written to achieve higher modularization, better performance and a more organized access to the engine’s API to allow further customization and namely the ability to plug and play extensions to the engine without having to modify the code base.

RTS Engine 2 is currently in beta which will continue until the beginning of the next year (2021). With the help of testers, we are able to test the new systems, fix issues that may arise and continue working on adding the final batch of features. In addition, a comprehensible API and beginner video tutorials will be available as part of the documentation when the upgrade is released.

Request Access to RTS Engine 2.0 BETA:

Please submit this form and you should have access to the beta GitHub repository in 24 hours. Make sure to enter your GitHub email address and RTS Engine invoice number.


  • How much will the upgrade cost? If you own the RTS Engine before the upgrade is released, you will be able to upgrade for FREE as a thank you for your support during the development time of RTS Engine 2.0.
  • When is the upgrade going to be released? By the end of this month, most initial release features should be implemented, December will be spent on getting the documentation and tutorial videos up and running so early January 2021 is the current release date.
  • What are you currently working on in terms of the upgrade? Here is a public Trello board where I put the main features, bugs and changes that you should look forward to while working with RTS Engine v2.0 beta.

If you have more questions regarding the upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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