Bomberman Game Kit


The Bomber Game Kit allows you create a 2D Bomberman style game. It offers all the features needed to make a mobile friendly bomber game.

  • Customize everything from the inspector without modifying the code.
  • Comes with a guide that shows how to modify everything.
  • Mobile friendly controls and UI!
  • Two mobile control types: Joystick and arrows.
  • Create different maps (randomly generated) in minutes with the Level Manager.
  • Choose different objectives for different levels.
  • Create different types of enemies.
  • Manage the player’s movement and health/damage settings from the inspector.
  • Create different types of bomb and customize everything about them.
  • Create bonus points/power-ups hidden under destroy-able obstacles
  • Includes sound effects, animated sprites for the player, enemies and bomb sprites.


WebPlayer Demo


Online Documentation

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 v1.00 – 07/11/2013:

Initial release.

 v2.00 – 05/09/2014:

– Converted the whole asset from JS to C#.
– Switched from using 3D objects to 2D objects.
– Added mobile friendly controls and UI.
– New animated sprites included in the asset.
– You can now choose a different objectives for your game.
– Improved the player’s and enemy’s movement animation.
– Improved the way bombs eliminate enemies.

v2.01 – 15/10/2014:

– Fixed some small bugs.
– Added a joystick as a new mobile friendly control type in addition to the arrows.

v2.02 – 21/07/2015:

– Unity 4.6 UI support.
– New graphics.

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