Block Crusher Kit


A fun and addictive game where your goal is to destroy as many blocks as possible before your screen fills!

  • Edit everything from the inspector without modifying the script.
  • Dynamic system: Create levels with different blocks, speed and style!
  • Three different game modes: Endless mode (Play till the screen fills, no limits!), Score mode (Reach a specific score before your screen fills!), Survival mode (Survive untill time ends!).
  • Mobile ready: All UI elements can fit different resolutions (Dimensions are automatically converted when changing resolution: works with mobile phones, tablets, etc…).
  • Change the theme of the game easily by changing some textures!
  • Comes with many sound effects and textures!
  • Sound and Music management : turn on/off sound or music while playing!
  • Add Power-UPs: to your game: Power-ups are created randomly in some blocks and collected by the player when he crushes these blocks. This kit includes various types of power-ups.
  • Manage the speed of the level easily: Make the speed constant or make it change while playing to make the game challenging
  • Comes with a detailed guide.
  • Fully commented code.


WebPlayer Demo


Online Documentation

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v1.03 – 08/12/2013:

– Added time counter to the game.
– You can now make three different game modes: Survival mode, endless mode and play for score mode.
– Fixed a bug that caused some blocks to freeze.
– Added sound and music management: turn on/off sound or music!

v1.04 – 16/07/2014:

– Changed the style of the game and the positions of the button.
– Fixed some bugs.
– Added new types of power-ups.
– Added new sprites, new sound effects and GUI textures.

v1.05 – 23/01/2015:

– Asset now supports Unity 4.6 UI.
– Asset is now available in both C# and JS.

v1.06 – 20/03/2015: :

– Fixed a bug in creating blocks/slots dynamically.
– Fixed a bug in the UI menu.
– Unity 5 support.

v1.07 – 15/05/2015: :

– Fixed a bug in playing sound effects after the game ends.
– Fixed a bug in hiding non-used power-ups when the game ends.
– Improved graphics.

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