RTS Engine

The Unity RTS Engine provides all the features required to create your own RTS game and customize it. It handles map creation, faction management, AI, buildings, units, resources, UI and a much more. It also supports both single player and multiplayer.


S-Quest is a quest/mission builder for Unity3D. It allows you to create advanced quests easily without coding. S-Quest is suitable for all types of games, you can customize it to fit all your projects. S-Quest also includes a player experience and level manager, quest log and an objectives bar.

2D Endless Runner Kit

The 2D Endless Runner Kit offers all the features needed to create your own high quality and mobile friendly 2D endless runner game.


This is an inventory system that anyone can setup in few minutes. This system is easy to edit from the inspector without having to modify scripts. It’s suitable for RPG games. This inventory system also includes an equipment system, merchant system, crafting system and a skill bar system.

Block Crusher Kit

A fun and addictive game where your goal is to destroy as many blocks as possible before your screen fills!


S-Spell is a dynamic spell engine. Create and customize different types of spells from the inspector. Includes a spell book, spell bar slots, experience and mana managers.

Bomber Game Kit

The Bomber Game Kit allows you create a 2D Bomberman style game. It offers all the features needed to make a mobile friendly bomber game.